How Your Sales Teams Sell Effectively In Any Foreign Market So That You Significantly Increase Your Turnover

With our data-driven program, you close 3 crucial Global Sales Gaps and turn your sales people into winners in your foreign market.

Are your sales teams consistently missing sales targets for their foreign markets? Are they generating opportunities but too few deals?

The assessment-based 3GSG program shows exactly how your teams can sell value-based and effectively in their respective foreign markets so that they consistently close the deals.

After the implementation, your team leaders are able to continue the program self-directed for up to 50 target markets. This is how you turn your international sales into a lasting success story.

A Concept Alone Does Not Make A Deal

Whether MEDDICC, Spin Selling or Sandler - all successful sales concepts are based on establishing good customer relations. And quite rightly so.

The truth is: Without operational implementation, the best concept is of no use. In order to really interact with foreign customers and sell effectively, the crucial sales gaps must be identified and proactively closed in every phase of the sales process. This is the only way to successfully complete the sales process.

Gap 1: Culture

Recognise cultural cues - both the obvious and the more subtle - at every stage of the sales process, interpret them correctly through data-driven, practical culture-specific knowledge and navigate the sales process with confidence.

Gap 2: Personality

Scientifically based personality-country comparison: What personal challenges does a sales employee have with regard to the realities in a specific foreign market? Which countries or regions suit an employee, which ones do not?

Gap 3: Communication

Know your own communication style in sales conversations. Understand what the customer needs regarding their communication and in the sales process as such to avoid misunderstandings and to identify the real requirements.

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Instant Added Value Instead Of Opportunity Costs

Sales methods and processes are the indispensable and necessary basis for successful sales across teams and companies. However, they only bring top results, especially in foreign markets, when they are implemented operationally, person-related and country-specific. In other words, when they are brought to life in a goal-oriented way.


In our experience, the most successful companies are those that implement data-driven, self-directed and instantly actionable learning in their sales teams.

Our 3GSG programme integrates seamlessly with existing sales systems and ensures that your sales teams have the knowledge and skills to drive your business forward.

Consistently Closing Deals

Sales teams that already sell successfully in foreign markets build TRUST country-specifically and UNDERSTAND what their customers need at any given time. Closing the 3 Global Sales Gaps - Culture Gap, Personality Gap, Communication Gap - enables them to effectively and purposefully drive the entire sales process in a foreign market. They competently go through the individual sales phases because they know what they are doing. And they give accurate forecasts because they consistently close deals - with almost every foreign customer.

Book a free consultation and check how your sales department too can close the 3 Global Sales Gaps effectively and data-driven in order to sell successfully in foreign markets.

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"Johannes from crossculture2go has been instrumental in ensuring that our sales staff have the knowledge and skills to be successful in their jobs."
Frank Willig, Senior Sales Program Manager,
Oracle Digital
“As a global company that is active in 35 countries we are happy to have Johannes of crossculture2go on board. He has the experience to achieve great results when developing our international teams."
Salvatore Corradi
Founder and Chairman of Future Manager Alliance
"During his sales coaching, Johannes conducted assessments with us which helped us a lot to work better with our international clients and colleagues."
Constantin Sponagel
Team Manager OD Germany